About us

In view of the environmental degradation, waterpollution, underground water and fish pond filtering, and recirculation of aquaculture,we, FILTERWUYO, have been investing manpower in green technology. Also, thetraditional filter installed in the past has caused a waste of electricity,water, labor cost and filtering material due to a lack of effective systemsmanagement.

Therefore, we take water as our thinking point andconsider developing high energy-saving, high efficiency and high quality filtersas the aims of our R&D center. Meanwhile, we try our best to performperfect design, competitive prices and lifetime service to accomplish a win-winsituation.

Our sustainable businessphilosophy and response to the government's promotion of green energy industrymake our products become a good helper to improve the living environment forpeople andachieve the effects of water, electricity, labor and cost saving.

We obtained PRC’s patent of filter’s structure in 2014 and its patent ispending in the USA.

§ Features of FILTERWUYO - Agitating filter §

§ Features of FILTERWUYO - Agitating filter §

1. There is no dead angle in the filter tank, so there is no hidden dirt and multiplying bacteria.

2. Backwash by agitating makes the filtering material last longer and prevent from clumping and secondary pollution.

3. Backwash takes only 1-2 minutes; thus, significantly shortening time and saving water and electricity expenses.

4. Using low horsepower, high-lift and big water yield pump helps reducing power and saving electricity expenses more.

5. Enlarged cleaning port makes cleaning easier and saving labor.

6. Large-flow six-way valve allows easy operation. Filtering and backwashing both only take one single valve.

7. The four-in one feature contains physics, biochemistry, highspeed filtration and high bucket of depth offer better filtration and excellent water quality.

8. Without UV lamp, the green water could be ended and crystal clear water is left.

9. It’s able to filter out all plankton in the water.

10. It’s patented by Taiwan and P.R.C. with the law andsafety guaranteed.